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About apintra

apintra Inc. is a manufacturer of business management software (ERP) for industry, trade and services.

Globally active IT specialists from a US investment firm are the founders of apintra Inc. The company’s principal place of business is New York, USA; the Registered Office is in Cheyenne, USA.

apintra Inc. mostly belongs to a US investment firm. The company has established a pool of employees to strengthen the loyalty of great employees. A Joint Venture has led to an exchange of software modules for apintra Inc. shares, which is currently the only free-float factor.

In Europe, apintra is represented by two subsidiary companies:
apintra Europe Ltd. is based in Leeds, UK, and is concerned with the further development of apintra software solutions.

apintra Germany GmbH is your European point of contact and is responsible for marketing and distributing apintra software solutions.


apintra supports home office solutions for its employees.

Our technology provides developers with an opportunity to develop “new” features for apintra solutions from any place on earth. All that is needed is an internet connection and a computer. Our employees can work from home or any other place thanks to the technology we use.

We use CLOUD technologies for document management or telephone services ourselves. Our version control is handled with standards like GIT.

We prefer to work with LINUX and Apple OS. However, development for Windows is possible, of course. The tools we use work better and produce fewer mistakes than conventional programming languages such as C++ or JAVA. Nevertheless, programs based on those can still be integrated seamlessly.


Digital transformation has had a massive impact on the requirements software providers are facing. Developing new technology is pricey. Thus, fruitful partnerships are not only beneficial for both parties, but have become a real necessity.

apintra collaborates with reliable partners worldwide, including manufacturers in information technology (e. g. IBM as a CLOUD provider and DBMS manufacturer), VMWare for virtual infrastructures, and universities (apintra Germany GmbH is a member of FIR e.V. from the University of Aachen). At the same time, we also partner with smaller software companies such as Fides Solutions Inc., who offer security technology. Furthermore, we use open source standards, for example GITLAB, for version control.