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Customized Solutions Based on apintra Technology

We create an application according to your requirements using the apintra modules and areas

apintra® solutions already cover many options. Nevertheless, when a user decides to buy the apintra solution, he or she must know how individual processes can be mapped with the new software. We differentiate between three options:

  • Customizing – the single use of our standard solution, which can be tailored to the customer’s specific needs by configuring a variety of parameters (e.g., time units to be used in work planning – hour, industry minute, minute). This allows for a large part of the adjustments to be made.
  • “Add-on development” – a popular option at apintra. This option includes the creation of additional programs without touching the core of the apintra® system. Among other things, new features and programs can be created from the existing portfolio of functions.
  • Modification programs – it is possible to modify the standard functions of apintra programs (change the source code). However, we consider this option to be problematic and, therefore, only use it in exceptional circumstances. This option also incurs costs later on (adjustment maintenance).