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apintra® Technology

Customization, innovation, and mobile usage are what apintra® technology is all about, among other things. All programs and the entire user experience are built to minimize initial efforts and focus on the user above all other things.

Discover the many opportunities apintra products have in store for you and your company. The following overview lists all benefits of apintra technology at a glance.

Relational database: High processing speed, secure transaction processing, and replication. In combination with apintra® solutions: search any visible field using SQL.

Device-independent: apintra® software works on almost all operating systems (no matter whether you are using a PC, Mac, tablet, or phone) as a desktop application for PC and Mac or as an HTML application through any browser.

Security: apintra® software generally always uses encrypted server connections. Optional database encryption is also enabled.

Reports in PDF or XLS format: With apintra, printer configurations are no longer necessary. Reports can be exported, according to your desires, using PDF streaming technology or as XLS/EXCEL® spreadsheets.

Multilingual: apintra® software is multilingual. Language settings can easily be configured in any language.

Open interfaces: Open interfaces allow for data exchange with third parties, public authorities (e. g. Elster), and/or trade partners. Communication is supported through XML or ASCII imports and exports, among others. Integrations for all apintra® products, billing, or webshop. Online payment services such as Amazon Pay, PayPal and more.

Available anywhere: You can access your individual information about relevant business processes from any device – be it a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Where you are in the world does not matter. Our smartphone and tablet applications are based on the future standard HTML 5 (to the extent that has been defined so far).

Custom format: All reports are provided in PDF format. You can also view, save, and forward your data in other formats, such as current spreadsheet or word processor formats.

Database optimization: apintra solutions are optimized for use with relational database systems. Current databases such as IBM Informix, Oracle, or mySQL are supported, as are replica. Furthermore, our products offer trouble-free transaction processing and a direct interface for business intelligence solutions (BI).

High expectations? Perfect! Our products and solutions are geared towards companies who value high-end technology. You will not find generic solutions at apintra. On the contrary: We offer individual, flexible, and smart modules to reduce your workload and ensure transparency. This will give your company a competitive advantage over rivaling businesses.

apintra products are characterized, among others, by the following features:
  • Available as inhouse or CLOUD version [EaaS (Everything as a Service)]
  • Inhouse availability also in virtual infrastructures (e. g. VMWare)
  • Supporting various databases (IBM INFORMIX DYNAMIC SERVER, ORACLE, mySQL)
  • Consistent transaction processing
  • Replica
  • Modular design
  • Nearly Real-time processing
  • Open interfaces (XML)
  • Tablet-PC-supported [iPad, Android] with HTML5 code
  • Multilingual
  • Plausibility check
  • Printouts as PDF, Numbers, Excel, Pages, or Word file
  • Optional, field-level encryption (e. g. databases)  dependent on DBMS system